Apr 10 through 14 - Abstract Acrylic Painting and Collage with Bob Burridge

Apr 10 through 14 - Abstract Acrylic Painting and Collage with Bob Burridge
Item# BB170410
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Product Description

Instructor: Bob Burridge

Class Code: BB170410

Workshop Fee: $725.00

Medium: Acrylic and Mixed Media

Monday, April 10th through Friday, April 14th, 10:00am-4:00pm each day

Creative tearing and paint splashing starts off this all new “Loosen Up Workshop.” Think Matisse, Rauschenburg, Diebenkorn, Motherwell… and you! Using your own ragbag of cool stuff to glue and assemble, plus acrylic paint and your off-center imagination. And, imagine painting with no brushes! This wild workshop is about jumping off the cliff and creating artwork no one has ever seen you do. Finger painting, stick painting and collage - plus anything goes from there. Also you will learn how to begin a new fresh body of work with your own artistic voice and point of view. Think “artist retreat,” producing a body of work, a series of paintings or your conceptual solo show.

Robert Burridge, along with his famous daily handouts, demos and lectures, helps and guides you to paint the way you have always wanted to paint. Daily, you can expect warmup paint sketching, brief painting and lecture demos, constructive critiques and plenty of time to work on personal projects. Burridge’s newest color wheel technique is also demonstrated. Come prepared to paint your stuff!

Suggested List of Materials to bring:

Paints: Any professional-grade acrylic paint (no cheap, student grade paints) - Your choice of colors. For this workshop, Bob recommends Matisse Structure Acrylics in the following colors:

Napthol Scarlet

Yellow Deep

Yellow Light Hansa

Permanent Green Light

Hooker Green

Cobalt Teal

Ultramarine blue

Australian Blue Gum

Design Magenta

Australian Salmon Gum

Metallic Gold

Titanium White

Carbon Black

Optional: Medium Violet, made by Golden Acrylics.

Robert Burridge’s Goof Proof Color Wheel. (For sale at most Burridge Workshops)

Brushes: Acrylic/synthetic combos, 1” Flat or Round. Several 2” and 3” cheap chip bristle brushes. NO FOAM BRUSHES.

Master’s Brush Cleaner and Preserver

Surfaces: Per day you may need up to 2 Full Sheets of 140 lb. or 300 lb. CP watercolor paper, pre-gessoed (thin layer of acrylic gesso - brush or trowel on one side only, let dry) Brushmark texture is okay; do not sand smooth. Bring flat - do not roll up. I recommend Fabriano Artistico 140 lb. or 300 lb.CP.

Also, small pre-gessoed canvases (Something like 11x14 or smaller - no larger than 12x16). As many per day as you want. We'll be doing multiple pieces per day.

Artist’s Sketchbook, maximum size 11x17, spiral bound for note taking.

One pint of thick white professional acrylic gesso. Jerry’s and Golden both have a thick gesso.

Gel Medium - gloss (We’ll use this as our glue for Collage Work)

Final Coat: Water-based POLYMER VARNISH with UVLS for “sealing” all paintings - gloss, semi-gloss or matte.

A water container - such as a 1 gallon plastic bucket or a low 10x10 inch tupperware-type container.

Your own collection of collage paper scraps, such as: Old letters, music sheets, photos (make prints from a Xerox copier), fabric or any other weird stuff you need. If you want to make your own collage papers, bring a recent, subscriber’s issue of National Geographic magazine (not a National Geographic Traveler issue from a store).

Table covering - Clear, 4ml plastic sheet, precut to 4 ft x 8 ft. Tape down with strong tape (not green or blue painters’ tape)

Roll of VIVA towels.

Rubbing alcohol. (drug store)

The following is Optional: Hand Barrier cream or Nitrile gloves. Derwent Water Soluble Drawing Pencil, very dark. Derwent Inktense Color Pencils or Inktense Blocks.

~ Important - No hair dryers, easels or cell phones allowed in this workshop. ~

Please note: Bob has designed this workshop for adults, 18 years and older. He has asked that we make no exceptions. Thank you for understanding!