(Canceled) Apr 22 - Alcohol Inks: The Basics with Jane Steelman

(Canceled) Apr 22 - Alcohol Inks: The Basics with Jane Steelman
Item# JS180422
This workshop is currently unavailable for order online. Please call (919) 876-6610 with any questions.

Product Description

Alcohol Inks: Basics/Inkscaping Instructor: Jane Steelman

Class Code: JS180422

Workshop fee: $65

Medium: Alcohol Inks

Sunday, April 22nd, 1:00pm-4:00pm

Alcohol ink has something for everyone; from professional artists to those who have never painted at all! In this class we will experiment with alcohol inks to learn how these bright, vibrant colors react and interact. You will learn the basic techniques of painting with alcohol inks using various methods such as free flow, pouring and using various tools to apply ink. You will be given step by step instructions for using alcohol inks to create beautiful abstract “inkscapes”. I know you will be inspired to continue using this wonderful medium!

Inks: Jacquard Piñata Exciter Pack - The Piñata Exciter Pack features an assortment of 9 popular Piñata colors, including 3 true primary, secondary colors, black, white and a metallic gold - making this pack an excellent starter pack for mixing!

In addition to the colors that come in the Exciter Pack, the Individual Jacquard Piñata Colors that I like to use include Lime Green, Sangria, Sapphire Blue, Chili Pepper Red, Burro Brown, and Silver.

Jacquard Piñata Claro Extender

Jacquard Piñata Clean Up Solution

Yupo® Paper - a pad of opaque white in whatever size you want. Please cut 2 larger sheets (11X14) into fourths or 9X12 sheets in half for the exercises we will do. It comes in 74 and 144 lb. weights (the higher the number the heavier the paper).

Paint brushes: One Polar Flo rigger brush size 1 or 2

A Welled Palette

Disposable latex or non­latex gloves

Cotton balls, cotton swabs, Make­up sponges, drinking straws, wooden coffee stirrers, toothpicks, sponges, canned air, or any applicator with which you wish to experiment

Wear old clothing because these inks stain permanently. Please let Jane know if you have any questions (jds@steelmanstudios.com).