Feb. 9 - Meet the Love of Your Life - Cold Wax Medium with Kim Sobat

Feb. 9 - Meet the Love of Your Life - Cold Wax Medium with Kim Sobat
Item# KS190209
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Product Description

Meet the Love of Your Life - Cold Wax Medium

Instructor: Kim Sobat

Class Code: KS190209

Workshop Fee: $120.00

Medium: Cold Wax and Oils

Saturday, February 9, 2019, 10:00am-4:00pm

Are you seeking a love that will never let you down? A love that is kind and forgiving, but also exciting and intriguing? Do you want love that stays fresh, playful, and imaginative? Then look no further. Cold wax medium is all that and more!

In this one day workshop, you will learn all the tips and tricks to create cold wax and oil paintings that reflect your individual vision. Through demonstrations and exciting exercises, you will explore composition, values, color theory and artistic purpose in an easy and approachable manner with lots of humor injected. Additionally, you will learn how to keep colors bright and vibrant without getting muddy and how to handle your tools to get desired effects. Using scrapers, palette knives, squeegees, and even common household tools, you will learn how to create a variety of textures that will add character and flair to your cold wax and oil paintings.

All levels are welcome! Beginners will enjoy the ease of use with cold wax medium, and experienced painters will enjoy the fresh and new approach that this versatile medium offers. Supplies to bring:

Oil paints (water soluble okay) - 10 or more colors (Lukas 1862 is great!)

Gamblin Cold Wax Medium (16 oz. can)

Scrapers - scrapers with an edge that has some give. Catalyst brand is a good choice. The 4.5” Catalyst W-06 model is the most versatile.

Bowl scraper or squeegee

2-3 Palette knives - trowel type palette knives in 2”-4” sizes

2-3 Smooth pre-gessoed cradled wood panels (12”x12” or similar size dimensions)

2 Acrylic paints for underpainting (your choice of colors, but darker is nice)

Paint Brush for painting base acrylic layer (wider flat nylon is best)

Roll of paper towels

Blue painters tape (wide enough to mostly cover your cradled panel sides)

Latex or silicone gloves

12”x16“ paper palette (no larger, to save table space)

Apron (optional)

Small bottle odorless solvent like Gamsol or Turpenoid (Please make it odorless)

4” soft rubber brayer

Soho Studio Wipes - Not required, but very handy for wiping off tools and your hands.

I will share these tools for you to try out, but you’re welcome to bring your own: Pottery scraper, Hair comb, Rug grip mat, Steel wool, Bamboo skewers, Plastic fork, Clean sand, Bubble wrap, Tissue Paper, Pot scrubber, Whisk broom, Bowl scraper or squeegee