Jan 11 - Awaken Your Creativity: Beginning Painting in Oils or Acrylics

Jan 11 - Awaken Your Creativity: Beginning Painting in Oils or Acrylics
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Product Description

Medium: Oils or Acrylics

Date: Saturday, Jan 11th

Time: 10:30am - 4:30pm


Kick-off the new year with a great new hobby! Maybe you’ve never painted before or it’s been a long time. Explore and experiment while you have fun learning the basics of painting - including shapes, value and composition. Rejuvenate your creative spirit, learn to use the brush like a pro and have a great time doing it. Ignore your work email and put your cell phone away - come play with us and explore your creative side! Painting has been shown to help reduce stress and put you in a ‘euphoric’ state of mind. A variety of photo references will be provided so that you can pick something that inspires you and get great results from it.

Workshop includes paints and mediums for class use, a paintbrush, canvas panel, a beginner booklet, paintbrush, color wheel, mixed media paper to experiment on and plenty of one on one attention.


•12x16 palette pad of paper to mix your paints on

•2-3 paintbrushes* between 1/4” wide and 1” wide

•Roll of paper towels

•Oil painters bring a small container of odorless solvent - gamsol or natural turpenoid - to clean your brushes

*If you prefer, you can wait and purchase a few brushes during class after we’ve talked about the different brush sizes and styles.