Jan 12 - Gesso Drawing with Amanda Carbo

Jan 12 - Gesso Drawing with Amanda Carbo
Item# AC170112

Product Description

Instructor: Amanda Carbo

Class Code: AC170112

Workshop Fee: $65.00

Medium: Drawing

Thursday, January 12th, 5:00pm-8:00pm

Gesso Drawing allows you to create textured and dynamic images through layering and blending. This combination of painting and drawing is a great exercise in loosening your brush strokes and adding complexity to your shading!

In this class we'll be doing simple still lives of one or two objects of your choosing. Amanda will show you how to easily render your favorite vase, teapot, or other house hold item in a timeless expressive painting!

Supplies to bring:

Compressed Charcoal or conte crayons (sepia, sanguine, and black)

White compressed Charcoal or white conte crayons

Assortment of simple synthetic brushes - a range of 2, 4, 6, and 8. Nothing larger than 1in (SOHO and ProStroke are good options)

Large 2inch bristle brush

Practica canvas 2pack in 11x14, or 12x12

Jerry’s Gesso