Jan 13 - Encaustic Techniques with Sharon DiGiulio

Jan 13 - Encaustic Techniques with Sharon DiGiulio
Item# SD190113
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Product Description

Encaustic Techniques

Instructor: Sharon DiGiulio

Class Code: SD190113

Workshop Fee: $120

Medium: Encaustic Painting

Sunday, January 13th, Noon-5pm

Learn the basics or brush up on your skills in this one-day encaustic workshop! Take your creativity to the next level with lots of techniques to experiment with together. This wonderful medium allows you to present any collection in a unique way. Go ahead and take the plunge into the wonderful world of waxiness!

Supplies you’ll need:

1 pound of encaustic medium for the class to share. We will add to the community pan.

Any surface you would like to work on – Encausticbords, Claybords, Birch wood boards, DaVinci Boards, etc.

Any items you would like to incorporate in your encaustic such as: papers, coins, fabric, images, text. Bring items that mean something to you. Get them out of the drawer or off your computer…words, images, etc.

Paints, equipment, heat guns, etc. will be provided by the instructor