July 21 - 'Go with the Flow' - Experimenting with Paint Pouring with Kim Maselli

July 21 - 'Go with the Flow' - Experimenting with Paint Pouring with Kim Maselli
Item# KM190721

Product Description

Product Description 'Go with the Flow' - Experimenting with Paint Pouring

Instructor: Kimberlee Maselli

Class Code: KM190721

Workshop Fee: $120

Medium: Acrylic

Sunday, July 21st, 1pm-5pm

For All Skill Levels!

This is a great class for learning to express yourself through color and design. A variety of techniques will build your knowledge and confidence, while you experiment with different tools and mediums that are provided. We’ll start with fluid paint pouring - a loose, freestyle approach that is pure joy, with wonderful, unpredictable results. Then we’ll explore other approaches for creating beautiful abstract designs. Tap into your experiences, your intuition, and your sense of play with guided prompts, exercises, tools, and applications. We’ll talk about composition design, color theory and value so that you can get better, more consistent results. Learn when and why to control your abstract painting, and when to let go and just paint with abandon! Demos, hands-on painting time and plenty of individual attention.

Price includes paints, mediums, and tools for classroom use, an instruction booklet, a stretched canvas, and a panel to paint on.

Supplies to bring:

12x16 Palette Pad or Masterson StayWet Palette Box

A couple of medium to large sized brushes (1/4”wide -1/2“wide)

1-12x12 stretched canvas

Roll of paper towels

Baby wipes (cheap, any brand)

Kimberlee Maselli - View my paintings, books and workshops at www.KimberleeMaselli.com - Painting North Carolina: A Visual Journey is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and galleries across NC.