June 21 - Intro to Painting: Coastal Carolina with Dan Nelson

June 21 - Intro to Painting: Coastal Carolina with Dan Nelson
Item# DN180621
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Product Description

Intro to Painting: Coastal Carolina

Instructor: Dan Nelson

Class Code: DN180621

Workshop Fee: $65

Medium: Oil Paint

Thursday, June 21st, 5pm-8pm

This class is for those getting started in the art of OIL PAINTING. Students will learn the BASICS: good habits that they can build and rely on as they continue to paint. We will all do a quick “study” of a scene from the North Carolina Coast to show how to use and execute form, color, and perspective. The purpose of the class is to TEACH PAINTING, LEARN SKILLS you can build on, and HAVE FUN! Expect lots of laughs, action, and info!

Supplies to bring:


(Any good brand will do. Avoid Hues (H), except in yellow.)

Warm Blue (Phthalo)

Cool Blue (Ultramarine)

Warm Red (Scarlet Lake or Naphthol Crimson Light)

Cool Red (Permanent Rose or Magenta or Alizarine)

Warm Yellow (Indian Yellow)

Cool Yellow (Cad Yellow Light HUE)

Oxide Red or Burnt Sienna


Any Greens, Dioxazine Violet, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber


A TWO-inch “chip brush” (NOT a “nice” 2-inch brush!)

An assortment of bristle brushes sizes 2 - 12.

One sable brush (00) for signature.

Gamsol or Turpenoid, a container for cleaning brushes (large enough for a 2” brush), Rags,

MEDIUM— Liquin Original, at least 2.5 ml

ONE CANVAS-- preferably 16 x 20 inches.

PALETTE - 12x16 in SOHO disposable palette