March 3 - Watercolor Batik with Ryan Fox

March 3 - Watercolor Batik with Ryan Fox
Item# RF190303
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Product Description

Watercolor Batik

Instructor: Ryan Fox

Class Code: RF190303

Workshop Fee: $120.00

Medium: Watercolor

Sunday, March 3rd, Noon – 5:00pm

Come learn a new painting technique using the batik method with watercolor! This class is suitable for both beginner and experienced painters with little or no watercolor experience.

Watercolor batik is the process of using traditional watercolor paint and wax to create unique and beautiful batik-style paintings on Japanese rice paper. This process is similar to the age old technique where melted wax is applied to fabric as a resist and then the fabric is dipped in dye.

In this class you’ll create a 12”x16” batik painting. You’ll begin the process with a drawing and then learn to create highlights and shadows, as well as how to mask areas of the project with wax.

Irons, electric skillets, newspapers, wax, and brushes for applying wax will be provided.

Supplies to bring:

Japanese Rice Paper- Ginwashi or Unryu (1 sheet)

Squirrel mop brush- #2 or #4

Watercolor brushes for final details. I recommend Mimik Round #4 or #6

SoHo Urban Artists Acrylic Spray Bottle

Water container such as a Dupre Watercolor Bucket or Jerry’s Watercolor Bucket

Drawing supplies - a 3b or 4b pencil and a kneaded eraser.

Watercolor Palette


Watercolor paints - Turner 15ml tubes, Titanium White and one each of primary colors. Choose between my favorites: Cadmium Red, Rose Madder Hue, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow, Aureolin, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Blue, and Burnt Sienna.

Suitable clothing (wax does drip and sometimes ends up on clothing).

One 16”x24” piece of GatorBoard

Paper Towels

Reference photographs will be provided for your drawings, but you are welcome to bring a high contrast photograph or line drawing of your own, to transfer to rice paper.