Mar 14 - Biz of Art: Your What, Who and How?

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Product Description

Biz of Art: Your What, Who and How? Getting Your Art, Products and Services Out Into the World Without Overwhelm

Medium: Art Talk

Instructor: Susan Miller and Mandi Brown

Date: Saturday, March 14th

Time: 10am - 3pm

Roll up your sleeves and decide what you want to want to get into the hands of your perfect customers. You will lay the groundwork for getting your products and services out into the world. Developing an artist statement that can be the springboard of your unique branding, you will explore website development options, content marketing strategies on social media, blogging, and newsletters. And yes! It will be fun, creative and artsy so you WILL NOT GET OVERWHELMED or bored. Chocked full of resources, this workshop will give you a good start or refresh what you already have started! Business planning can really be exciting, fun and doable with creative entrepreneur coach and mixed media artist Susan Miller’s Kaizen-Muse™ Small Step process and content marketing strategist for creatives Mandi Brown’s user-friendly social media and website strategies!

Supply List:

Glue Stick


Journal or notebook

Colorful pens and markers

Several magazines you are able to cut up

Favorite quotes & images

All other supplies will be available for you.