May 27 and 28 - Large Abstracts on Paper with Joe DiGiulio

May 27 and 28 - Large Abstracts on Paper with Joe DiGiulio
Item# JD170527

Product Description

Instructor: Joe DiGiulio

Class Code: JD170527

Workshop fee: $240

Medium: Acrylics Mixed Media

Saturday and Sunday, May 27th-28th, 10:00 am 4:00 pm each day

Dive into free flowing Acrylic Abstraction on paper surfaces in this two day workshop! Joe will give you key insights into the difference between painting with acrylics on paper, as opposed to canvas. With a different absorption rate than canvas, a paper surface allows you to learn to create lifts, splatters and bleeds that are just not the same on canvas. Experimentation in paint application will also be covered, as well as a variety of interesting brush techniques. Joe will also show you some economic framing techniques with this process!

Supplies to bring:

Acrylic Paint: Joe suggests the Matisse Joe DiGiulio Acrylic Set, but Liquitex Heavy Body and Golden are acceptable brands- no Basics

Suggested Colors: Titanium White, Australian Sienna, southern Ocean blue, Napthol Red, Prussian Blue, Deep Yellow, Quinacridone Magenta, Lt. Hansa Yellow, Phthalo Green, Unbleached Titanium, Transparent Red Oxide

Brushes: #30 White Nylon Mural Brush, Large inexpensive chip brushes "1.5",2",2.5". Any large round, long handled Flats and rounds, optional: Spalter Brush Set

Paper: 2 full sheets of Fabriano studio WC Paper 140lb, one full sheet of Strathmore 2 ply white Museum board 32 x 40. A 32 x 40 piece of cardboard for a backing board {all sold at Jerry's Artarama}. 11 x 14 pad of Fabriano Studio 140lb. Cold Press WC Paper .

Mediums: Bottle of Satin Varnish 8 oz Other items: at least one of the Princeton Catalyst Wedges #2, #3, or #4, one Jerry's Jet Black Pencil

3M Blue painters tape with orange cardboard core {for delicate surfaces} is REQUIRED!

A Full Sheet of Gator board will be provided by the Artist for smaller work.

"There are no wrong answers, only techniques!" - Joe DiGiulio