May 5 - Abstracting Landscapes with Joe DiGiulio

May 5 - Abstracting Landscapes with Joe DiGiulio
Item# JD180505

Product Description

Abstracting Landscapes Instructor: Joe DiGiulio

Class Code: JD180505

Workshop Fee: $120

Medium: Acrylics

Saturday, May 5th, 10:00 am- 4:00 pm

Get a different approach to painting landscapes in this full-day workshop where you will learn how to command the observer’s eye to take the visual journey through your piece. This class is based on some classic compositional foundations of representational work. You will then augment them in an abstracted style that impacts the observer through color, value, tone and overall construction of your composition. Loosen up with this exciting take on landscapes in Joe’s contemporary style abstractions.

Supplies to bring:

Paint - Artist grade Acrylic Paint. I prefer Matisse Structure Acrylics some of my favorite colors are:

Southern Ocean Blue

Australian Sienna

Transparent Red Oxide

Naphthol Scarlet

Unbleached Titanium

Australian Yellow Green

Olive Green

Australian Sky Blue

Brushes: #30 White Nylon Mural Brush, Set of Flat Brushes ¼”, ½”, 1” for Acrylics, a #4 Round Creative Inspiration Acrylic Brush, and Polar Flo #2 Liner

A small palette Knife

Surfaces: An 18” x24”, 12’x24” or 20”x 20” Practica 2 pack of canvas (Great and inexpensive). Also, an 18x24 sketchpad for warm-ups


Disposable Palette Paper

Flo Expression Bottles 37ml 6 pack

Water Containers, Paper Towels and Apron will be provided.