Oct 27 - Draw with Color! With Gaella Materne

Oct 27 - Draw with Color! With Gaella Materne
Item# GM181027

Product Description

Draw with Color!

Instructor: Gaella Materne

Class Code: GM181027

Workshop Fee: $120

Medium: Drawing

Saturday Oct. 27th, 10 AM 4 PM

Jump into this class ready to learn the secrets on making colored pencil portraiture come to life! Join Gaella as she makes understanding color concepts and drawing simple for beginners and intermediate levels. You will learn the art of layering and blending colors, how to create fun bold colors, as well as various techniques unique to color pencil in this detailed step by step workshop.

Get ready to be inspired!

Supplies to Bring:

Colored Pencils:

Preferred Brands: SOHO, Polychromos or Prismacolor.

SOHO Colored Pencils (These colors MUST be from the SOHO brand)


-Cobalt Violet Light


-Cobalt Green


-Manganese Blue

Remaining Colors can be bought in SOHO, Polychromos, or Prismacolor.



-Indanthrene Blue (Navy Blue)

-Canary Yellow (Mid-tone Yellow)

-Yellowed Orange

-Crimson Red

-Violet Blue

-Apple Green (mid-tone green)

-Cinnamon (dark peach color)

-Dark Sepia (or warm gray V)

-Sky Blue

Blending Stumps (Compressed)

Tombow Mono White Vinyl Eraser

White Gel Pen

9x12 pad Bristol Paper (Vellum)

Sandpaper Pad

Pencil Sharpener

*Transfer paper and Tracing paper will be provided.