Oct 28 - Pouring Watercolor with Ryan Fox

Oct 28 - Pouring Watercolor with Ryan Fox
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Watercolor Pouring

Instructor: Ryan Fox

Class Code: RF181028

Workshop Fee: $120.00

Medium: Watercolor

Sunday, October 28th, Noon – 5:00pm

Come learn the technique of pouring diluted watercolor directly on paper! Pouring creates a wide range of colors and creates amazing blending effects. We’ll approach each painting with an emphasis on design and planning.

Through instructor demonstration, you’ll learn about masking, wetting techniques, using gravity to mix your limited palette, and preserving the transparency of your layers. You'll choose your own subject matter: still life, landscape, architectural, floral, or portrait.

Students are welcome to bring their own reference material, or choose from the instructor's images!

Supplies to bring:

Watercolor Paints - Turner 15ml tubes, one each of primary colors. Choose between my favorites: Cadmium Red, Rose Madder Hue, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow, Aureolin, Cobalt Blue, and Cerulean Blue.

One 22x30 sheet of Arches Watercolor Paper, 140lb or 300lb, Cold press or rough surface. We will be working on a half sheet painting (15x22").

SoHo Paint Brushes - I recommend purchasing two synthetic round brushes in size #6 or #8. Also, a few round and flat brushes for finishing paintings (not bristle brushes).

One bottle of Pebeo masking fluid. (Not the permanent version)

One 18”x24” piece of Gator Board, or Plexiglas

2” artists tape

Watercolor palette

Paper towels

2B pencil and Vanish eraser

Flo Expressions Bottles. The smaller sizes work well for half-sheet and smaller. If you anticipate painting larger paintings, I recommend the larger 3 bottle package.