Sept 14 - Palette Knife Land and Sea with Kimberlee Maselli

Sept 14 - Palette Knife Land and Sea with Kimberlee Maselli
Item# KM190914

Product Description

Palette Knife Land and Sea

Instructor: Kimberlee Maselli

Class Code: KM190914

Workshop Fee: $120

Medium: Oils or Acrylic

Saturday, Sept 14, 10:30am 4:30pm

For All Skill Levels

Rediscover your passion for paint with dramatic palette knife painting. Enjoy the sensation of applying thick buttery paints to the canvas. Using a knife enables you to create interesting textures and encourages a lively, impressionist treatment that adds greatly to the impact of the finished painting. Learn to skip the details and focus on shapes, color and value - and best of all - TEXTURE! Palette knife painting is perfect for artists that want to avoid using solvents. Unlike a brush, you just wipe the knife clean and continue painting.

Learn color, value and composition basics, while you master the techniques of painting with a palette knife. This is a great way to energize your painting and develop your own unique style. plus plenty of one-on-one assistance and encouragement from Kim.

Workshop includes paints and mediums for class use, reference photos to borrow, a new palette knife, an instruction booklet, color wheel, mixed media paper to experiment on and plenty of one on one attention.

Supplies to bring:

1 stretched canvas or canvas panel (any size between 11x14 and 16x20)

Brushes: 1 or 2 small - medium sized brushes and a 1 soft, flat polarflo or watercolor brush

Solvent: Odorless solvent in a container with a lid

Palette: either a large palette paper pad, a roll of Freezer Paper or a 12x14 covered palette

Roll of paper towels

Baby wipes

3-4 reference photos that inspire you (printed or on an IPad. Cell phone images are too small to use as a reference)